MaSSakali - Wings of Aspiration is a novel concept to showcase the tremendous potential, creativity and aspirations of the women at SanSar Home’s manufacturing team. With a purpose to increase its commitment to sustainability and women empowerment,SanSar Home's MaSSakalis are an embodiment of contemporary empowered women. Their experiences, vision and pure grit to achieve their personal vision is brought to light through a limited edition MaSSakali cushion collection which is 100% upcycled, further extending SanSar Home's commitment to contribute to a sustainable world. Staying true to its founding principles of wasting no additional material for products while empowering and generating employment for women, MaSSakali gave 16 women the opportunity to bring forth their creativity into the products they made. They were given 3 topics – Bachpan, Pyaar and Udaan and were asked to create their own rendition, translated to cushion designs.


Breaking the existing stereotypes, SanSar Home trains and encourages women from less privileged backgrounds to acquire new skills, giving them the self-confidence to enable them to carry their skills into the wider world. It puts the emphasis on acting ethically and encouraging a culture of sustainability while finding innovative design solutions.With the launch of MaSSakali, we are further strengthening our commitment towards sustainability and women’s empowerment, both of which are values that go hand-in-hand. It has always been our endeavor to empower women from marginalized communities and those living in under-developed areas by teaching and nurturing new skills, and providing them with a sustainable livelihood and we are proud of the platform that we have created for them.

  • SanSar Home is where I am making my dreams come true. I have studied only till 8th and come from a very small village. To be trusted, to be successful, to be respected at work, home and society is all because of my hard work and SanSar Home's motivation.

  • When the organization you work for not onlyensures your well being at work, but beyond that on a personal level as well, Ifeel truly blessed. SanSar Home is truly my SanSar in every sense.

  • My childhood was ridden with difficulties andchallenges, My father passed away when I was very young, but my mother ensuredthat I grow up to be a self dependent lady, Today with SanSar Home by my side Iam self dependant and am giving my mother the best that I can hoping tocompensate her sacrifices.

  • I was always cheerful girl growing up, but postgrowing the stress around, the challenges robbed me of my smile. I used to workat someother other company and was never at peace. Since I joined SanSar Home,I feel like I am back to my orginal self. I am forever smiling and happy, thebenefits of which are spread across all spheres of my life. I truly love SanSarHome.

  • I am 6 months pregnant and my colleagues takemore care of me than I can personally do myself. This is how close we are as ateam, its pure sisterhood. Work is my comfort zone and I excel at it everysingle day.

  • Being a single parent along with theresponsibility of my parents, I am extremely proud and satisfied that today mywork is being featured and I am contributing towards a sustainanble world withSanSar Home.

  • SanSar Home has reinforce my confidence andpride, Every product I and my team make is a reflection of our personality andour experiences. This responsibility and trust extended to us has done tons ofmy self esteem and i have never felt better