When the pandemic hit, every individual had a deeper realization regarding the need to act in ways that would benefit the society and the environment. SanSar Home was launched in October 2020 with Sustainability as its core value around which all its functioning would revolve.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"

- Robert Swan

SanSar Home not only understands this saying but also believes in incorporating the same in the most beneficial way. Textile Industry is the second most polluting industry, so instead of adding on to the pollution, we try our best to avoid it.

We collect waste fabrics in the market and produce products completely out of these fabrics. We try to upcycle as many products as we can from the waste that is collected so that no additional processing of the material is required.

We follow a philosophy of zero waste to ensure that all the material is used in manufacturing the products. This is done so as to reuse all the products and avoid having to send any waste fabric to the landfills.

A lot of our products are also made using organic fabric. These products are made with fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. All our products are finally packed in sustainable packaging. We do not believe in using plastic for our packages purposes.

SanSar Home believes in recreating products keeping in mind the high quality standards, and not compromising the design and quality when using the textile scraps. We believe in producing our products ethically to meet our aesthetics and encouraging the culture of sustainability.

As there is a constant need to switch up the home decor, SanSar Home aims to provide sustainable products to ensure that the world is rightfully taken care of and to spread the awareness regarding sustainability.